Is Your Roof Damaged After a Storm?


Storms are bad news for roofing in southeastern North Carolina. Hail can wreck your gutters and leave holes in your roof. Excessively strong hurricane winds may stir up flying debris and rip through the infrastructure of your home. Worst of all, excess amounts of rain can cause a plethora of issues for not only your roof but the rest of the home. From seeking out a new roof installation to repairing storm damages, let the best roof fixers and installers at Roof Methods bring you peace of mind!

After you encounter a heavy storm of any kind, one of the first things you should do is go outside and assess any noticeable damage the storm may have done to your home. The key is to know what to do once you discover any extensive roof damage, gutter damage, broken windows, and more. By calling the experts at Roof Methods, you are not only saving your home from future damage, but our experts may catch damage unnoticeable to the average homeowner. A lot of the time, you will be able to notice the signs of roof damage. Things like water spots on the ceiling, curled or missing shingles, battered or broken gutters are fairly noticeable and can be documented by the homeowner.

Storm Inspection Process:

  • Condition of shingles: Missing or curled shingles are more obvious, but an expert will inspect the roof from above to check for granular buildup as well as material deterioration and other issues. Hail can pack a punch on our roofing; thus, any kind of dings and dents up above should be noted, as well.
  • Roof flashing damage: This is the metal roof material used to cause water to repel from creases, vents, structural angles (like dormers or chimneys), skylights, and more. Since these are areas that repel water where it can do the most damage, they will need to be checked to ensure they remain intact.
  • Pealing sealants: Much like the effect metal flashing has on roofing, sealants are used to fill creases and ensure roofing is secure and air-tight. While sealants are meant to be long-lasting and durable, they are just as susceptible to deterioration as other roofing materials. Storms can very well sweep through and rip sealants clean off, causing significant damage both inside and outside.
  • Unnoticeable damage: This is where the experts come in! Homeowners may not be able to discover every issue after a storm rolls in. There may be structural issues that need the attention of a roofing company with years of experience. The last thing we want you to do is to think your roof made it out alive. Things like water or heat loss can secretly wreak havoc on your home without you even knowing it.

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