Roof Inspection: Why It’s Important Before A Hurricane

April 4, 2023

Hurricane season is one of the most dreaded seasons for many homeowners because of the damage it can inflict on properties here in southeast North Carolina. Hence, it is crucial to prepare before a storm hits to alleviate costly home repairs or replacements. One of the essential parts of your home that should be given focus is your roof.

During a hurricane, your roof takes the most hit as it is situated and structured on top of your house. For that reason, storm damage roof inspection is absolutely crucial as it will allow you to detect roof defects that need repairing. Moreover, it ensures that the structural integrity of your roof is still strong enough to withstand succeeding storms. Discussed below are common roof aspects included in inspections.

Roof Surface

The roof surface is among the first things inspected on a roof; often because the current state of a roof is often evident in what is seen on its exterior. Before a storm hits, it’s best to anticipate damage like missing or cracked shingles, shingle granule debris, and the development of mold and mildew. As preparation, make sure that any existing issues are repaired, not only to prolong your roof’s lifespan but also to maintain its overall aesthetic.

Roof Structure

Aside from checking the surface, it’s also integral to have the overall roof structure inspected before and during hurricane season. This means examining if any surface-related issue has already caused some damage to the roof’s structural integrity. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before your roof collapses, which is a big problem, particularly during the stormy season. A structural inspection should cover the gutter system, fascia board, and roof soffit. 

Interior Roof Portion

It’s also integral to check the interior portion of your roof. This refers to the part of your roof that is situated inside your home, like the ceiling and ventilation system. This part of your roof can also get compromised by the storm, and when this happens, rainwater will leak into your home. So, to prevent flooding inside your home prior to an upcoming storm, it’s best to ensure that your ceiling is sturdy enough and your ventilation system is not clogged.

Reach Out to Roof Specialists

The roof is a crucial part of your home. That’s why, a storm damage roof inspection is essential to ensure that your roof is in peak condition and ready to shield you against these calamities.

Hire a reliable expert for these inspections by reaching out to us at Roof Methods. We offer all types of roof assessments, including those for hurricane roof preparation and damage. Contact our office in Wilmington, NC to schedule a free advanced inspection today!