Residential Services

Improve Your Home’s Functionality and Appearance

Looking to give your home an upgrade? Roof Methods in Wilmington, NC is here to help you. We offer a wide range of services to keep your roof, as well as other parts of your property, in its tiptop shape.

Roof Inspection

Strong winds, hail, and extreme heat can weaken the structure of your roofing system. When you see missing or broken tiles on your roof, feel free to reach out to us immediately. We can check for damage in the underlayment, shingles, and gutters, as well as potential leaks and ventilation issues.

Roof Repairs

Put our roofers’ skills and years of experience to work for you. We can replace missing shingles, fix damaged roof flashing, stop leaks, and handle other roofing issues with ease. Reach out to us today for a hassle-free, no-obligation inspection.

Full Roof Replacements

Sometimes, repairs are not enough, especially when the damage is too extensive. When it’s time for a replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Roof Methods. We’ll help you find roofing materials that best fit your needs.

Interior and Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Make your home look good as new with the help of our team at Roof Methods. We offer interior and exterior painting to help remove visible water stains, and give life to your property.

Metal and Shingle Roofing Solutions

Choosing the perfect roofing material for your home can be a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be. Our company offers a wide variety of colors and finishes for our metal roofs and shingles. We can walk you through the different options available, and help you pick one that suits your preferences.

If you’re looking for cost-effective, durable, and low maintenance roofing options, Roof Methods has the solution for your needs. Our projects are all covered by a 50-year manufacturer warranty and a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Storm Damage Assessments

Hurricanes are a major concern for homeowners in North Carolina. Harsh weather conditions often cause severe damage to your home’s gutter and roof. While it can be stressful to deal with the aftermath of a storm, our certified and experienced roofers are here to help you.

From assessing the extent of the storm damage to installing a new roofing or drainage system, we’ll be with you in every step of the way. You can have peace of mind in knowing that you have experts you can rely on to restore your home.

Gutter Installation

We understand your home is one of the valuable investments you’ll make. In order to protect your property from water damage, it’s important to have an effective drainage system in place—and that’s where Roof Methods can help you. When you choose us, we guarantee a seamless aluminum gutter installation.

Solar Panel Installation

Looking to switch to renewable energy? Turn to us at Roof Methods. We’re one of the trusted contractors for a solar panel installation in North Carolina. Our team invests in time and resources to deliver unparalleled service in the most cost-effective way possible. For more information about our solar power solutions, contact us today.

Siding Installation and Repair

Tired of repainting your walls every few years? Roof Methods offers a permanent solution to your needs. Reach out to us to learn about our vinyl siding installation and repair services.