Advantages of Using GAF Shingles for Your Home

July 5, 2023

Asphalt shingles are the most common residential roofing material in the United States. They are durable and they cost less than other shingle types. That’s why it’s no surprise that tons of roofing manufacturers are offering them across the country. But, out of all of these roofing companies, GAF is the largest player in the industry.

GAF or General Aniline & Film is a well-known roof manufacturer in America that has earned its reputation because of its quality products like its roof shingles. If you plan to book a GAF shingles installation service for your home, here are some benefits you can expect.

It’s Durable Against All Types of Weather

Your roof is the most exposed part of your home. Every day, it bakes under the sun up to 12 hours—15 if it’s summer—and it combats the elements whether it’s rain, snow, hail, or high winds. That said, your roof must be made of durable materials, so you’re always safe and protected from whatever weather is in your area. This is a quality that GAF roof shingles are well known for. 

GAF ensures the durability of its shingles by conducting around 4,375 quality checks for its product. Moreover, they’ve passed two of the roofing industry’s most rigorous wind resistance; proof that their roof shingles are strong enough to endure bad weather conditions.

It Has a Wide Range of Style and Color Options

Another thing about GAF roofing products is they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The company understands that homeowners don’t only look for durability, aesthetic value also plays a huge role. Some of their popular shingle styles include the GAF sandalwood shingles that fit modern and traditional home designs. 

Additionally, their variety of colors also ranges from earthy to funky tones; all you need to do is choose which is suitable for your home’s color scheme. Aside from that, should you ever need assistance finalizing a design, GAF has a virtual remodeler. It can give you a glimpse of your house's would-be appearance before you decide on your preferred color or style.

Transferable Warranty

Most roof parts come with warranties to cover any repair or replacement needed in the upcoming years. The great thing about GAF roofing products is their transferable warranty. This means you can transfer your roof's warranty to your next house owner. Aside from boosting the selling value of your home, this allows the next owner to save money from buying a new roof. 

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These are only some things you can expect when you choose to have a GAF shingles installation for your home. To get in touch with a residential roofing contractor in New Hanover County, NC who can work on them for you, talk to us at Roof Methods. Contact our Wilmington, NC office to book a schedule with us today!